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A place to live.
A place to learn.
A place to grow.

A space and a location becomes a place when it takes on meaning and becomes special to you. Discover Fettes and make this your place

Helen Harrison, Head


Maximising Academic Potential

At Fettes we seek to provide exceptional teaching in order to inspire a lifelong love of learning in all our students. The quality of education we deliver goes beyond achieving impressive academic results at GCSE, A Levels and the IB.

“At Fettes I did not just learn, I learnt how to learn. This set me up for university and beyond.”

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Care and Support

The care and welfare of our students is fundamentally important to us because we know that only happy, well-supported children truly flourish. Life at Fettes is founded on strong family values: individuality is appreciated, cultures are embraced and unique talents are celebrated.

“The friends and memories that you make at Fettes are with you for life.”

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Sport For Life

Participation in sport contributes significantly to the all-round development of each student. We have the facilities, expertise and enthusiasm to help every student achieve their sporting goals and we encourage all, whether beginners or high-performance athletes, to achieve excellence.

“At Fettes, we ensure that every student has the opportunity to participate whilst also supporting students to perform at their very best.”

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The Arts

Express Your Creativity

Self-expression helps our students to explore and understand the world around them, gain confidence and think creatively. Across art, music and drama, we provide the opportunity and encouragement to be brave, bold and creative.

“There are so many opportunities for self-expression; creativity and independent thinking is always encouraged.”

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Broadening Horizons

We believe in the education of the whole person: we encourage pupils to take up a number of activities, join a wide range of clubs, attend stimulating talks and go on life-affirming trips.

“My time at Fettes was not just an education, but a journey of discovery.”

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Ode to Place

We are delighted to share with you our new Fettes College film -Ode to Place - launched on St Andrew's Day 2022.

This two-minute film has been created to capture the ethos of Fettes and what a Fettes education means.  It has been developed as part of our vision - Fettes Moving Forward: A place to live. A place to learn. A place to grow.

We hope you enjoy our film - watch with sound on.

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