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Focusing on the Future

In taking forward our wellbeing programme, our targets are:

• Continued promotion of the full-boarding ethos

• Investment in boarding facilities

• Focus on and support for the key transition years - third form and sixth form

• Promotion of staff as well as student wellbeing

• Construction of a new Wellbeing Centre which will improve our health and wellbeing facilities and provide a place for innovative and pro-active learning about life skills

Importance of Wellbeing

Wellbeing and sector-leading pastoral care are at the core of everything that happens at Fettes.

We understand that happy children make the most effective learners and believe that every student should:

• Feel valued, nurtured and represented

• Grow up in a caring and supportive environment

• Be supported to develop a resilience they take with them into the world

We are innovative and creative in helping our students to learn the skills for life - this is a key part of our pro-active approach.

  Sue Bruce, Wellbeing Lead

“Fuli is the Chinese word for welfare and the Hindu word ‘to blossom’:  these words encapsulate happiness, connection, a sense of place and purpose. In essence our wellbeing.

Wellbeing remains at the forefront of our school. The planning of our new Wellbeing Centre will be ‘the hub’ of our school and will allow us to springboard our sector leading pastoral care into the future, fulfilling the meaning of wellbeing. It will be transformative for integrating our medical and pastoral care,  promoting wellbeing to help protect and nurture the body and the mind which do not always come naturally to students in their personal development. Periods of change or transition for students can be challenging, so to have this resource alongside the development of new outdoor and indoor spaces for gatherings and special events will be of huge importance for our students to blossom.”