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Our Community

Our Targets

Our targets include:

• Increasing local community involvement, including developing and opening up the campus for school and community use

• Educating and celebrating diversity within the school

• Embedding sustainable development into all our places

Our Community

A drive to ensure that our community is environmentally sustainable underpins this theme.

Inclusivity is fundamental in all areas of school life and while remaining proudly Scottish, we ensure that internationalism is part of the ethos of a Fettes education.

Our community is both local and global.

Environmental Sustainability

Centrality of Environmental Sustainability

Turning Intent Into Action

Our five aims within five years:

• Measure campus-wide energy consumption and set clear targets to reduce usage by 10 per cent

• Measure and reduce use of single-use plastic by 25 per cent

• Measure and reduce food waste by 15 per cent

• Invest solely in sustainable developments

• Remove diesel from all school vehicles