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Our Objectives for Our Students

Among our academic objectives for our students are:

• To create critical thinkers with informed opinions

• To nurture innovation and creativity

• To encourage diversity of thought, resilience and flexibility

• To foster agile young minds

New Initiatives

To support our vision, we have established a number of new initiatives. These include:

• Creation of a new Middle School Diploma

• Plans for the construction of new Science and Innovation buildings in both senior and prep schools

• Delivery of an even more diverse and inspirational co-curricular programme that provides challenge, fun and learning

• Appointment of a dedicated Head of Sixth Form to enhance sixth form experience for all students

• Actively looking at incorporating Engineering, Enterprise and Technology (EET) into the curriculum

 Victoria Chandler, Head of Sixth Form

"Entering the Sixth Form is an exciting time and an opportunity for students to exercise increasing freedom and independence in their education. As the newly appointed Head of Sixth Form, my role is to support our Sixth Form students so they can give their best and make the most of their time here. 

We want our students to leave exceptionally well qualified, with a strong sense of who they are, carrying values which enable them to be kind, curious and compassionate. These qualities, as much as the excellent grades our students achieve, are what Fettes College is all about. We succeed in balancing these three elements: the academic success, the development of skills, and the nurturing of a set of values we aim to instil."