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Our Mission

Curious, creative and kind, Fettesians give of their best and make the most of their wealth of opportunities. They are inspired to aim high while understanding what it means to be a good person and to give back.

In partnership with families and communities, a full-boarding ethos remains at the core of the school and a Fettes education continues to matter to all.

Achieving Our Vision

To achieve our vision and mission, we will ensure that our students:

• Feel valued and respected as individuals

• Receive the highest possible quality of education, engaging them in rigorous and relevant opportunities in a dynamic curriculum which creates lifelong learners

• Feel safe, have a sense of personal worth, are thoughtful and considerate of the needs of others, while possessing a willingness to take on responsibility

• Are encouraged to stretch and challenge themselves

• Develop self-confidence, integrity, emotional resilience, loyalty, good manners and humour, leadership skills, and teamwork

• Value a sense of community

• Are surrounded by inspirational, caring staff

• Feel represented and are provided with equal opportunities regardless of gender, identity, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity or religion