The boarding houses at Fettes are central to our sector-leading pastoral care. Each house is a supportive community of staff and students. As well as the strong bonds made with fellow housemates, it is the commitment and dedication of Housemasters, Housemistresses, their Assistants and Matrons which leave a lasting impression. They advise, help and encourage, simply being there for the students whenever needed.

We are committed to all aspects of student well-being from healthy eating and physical activity to mental health. By doing this each of our students can thrive and embrace all that a Fettes education has to offer whilst making friends for life.

We are proudly Scottish, celebrating all that Scotland has to offer, whilst also developing a confident global outlook. With experiences that are rich and varied, our students’ aspirations can be worldwide with university choices both international and closer to home.

We are committed to providing an exciting programme that supports our full-boarding ethos. This means we are a true community, a 24/7 school and a hive of activity on weekdays and at weekends.




Girls' Boarding Houses


Arniston is, first and foremost, a happy House. We want all our girls to feel at home with us to ensure success both inside and outside the classroom. Each Arniston girl brings something unique to the House and we are very proud of all our achievements.

Arniston is a caring family where every girl has a role to play in the successful running of the House. Arniston girls are always there for friends who might need encouragement or support and trust and honesty are the cornerstones of our success.

Who's who in Arniston:

Housemistress: Rachel Nicol 

Assistant Housemistress: Harriet Cowderoy

Matron: Carol Dunn 


College East

The College East Girls love living at the heart of the school, amongst the turrets and gargoyles, and it is in this unique setting that firm friendships and house loyalty are developed.

They pride themselves in creating an inclusive environment where friendships span the year groups and everyone feels valued. They are known for their kindness but they are also ambitious and they compete in house events with courage and optimism.

Who's who in College East:

Housemistress: Lindsay Marks

Assistant Housemistress: Clare McDonnell

Matron: Alice Harrison 

College West

Among the iconic gargoyles and gothic arches of the College building is the warm and welcoming College West. No visitor can fail to notice our strong sense of house spirit and our house motto is ‘West is Best!’. Each girl strives to do their best in everything they do, be it academic, sporting or creative.

At the end of a busy day you are likely to see a house prefect helping a younger girl with their work, a group of friends snuggling down to watch a movie or catch up on all of the goings on with friends and families.

Who's who in College West:

Housemistress: Sue Bruce 

Assistant Housemistress: Christie Skelton

Matron: Helen Crawford 


Dalmeny girls have a real pioneering spirit and play a pivotal role in the development of the House. We believe that this participation is an important part of nurturing long-lasting friendships, loyalty and, more generally, the ability to empathise with others.

We pride ourselves in having a group of girls from a range of backgrounds, with diverse interests, and everyone living in Dalmeny is encouraged to add something different to the running of the House.

Who's who in Dalmeny:

Housemistress: Kate Fairbairn

Assistant Housemistress: Jenna Maguire 

Matron: Caroline Raeburn

Boys' Boarding Houses


Carrington House provides a friendly, family based atmosphere. The ethos of the House is based around the credo ‘Make a Difference’. All boys are encouraged and supported in their pursuit of excellence to make a difference to their lives and the lives of others.

Carringtonians are justifiably proud of their House and of the high standards that continue to be both set, and met, by every year group. A team of dedicated and professional tutors are also on hand to provide the very best pastoral and academic care and support to all boys.

Who's who in Carrington:

Housemaster: James Weatherby

Assistant Housemaster: Sam Shelley

Matron: Diane Davidson 


Glencorse has an exceptional sense of community and house spirit, where the boys are loyal both to the house and each other. Equally, we are keen to encourage each individual to foster their unique qualities.

Participation and success on a range of fronts is highly valued: whether you are a talented sportsman, an actor, a musician, an artist, a debater, an academic, some combination of all these or someone whose range of talents is yet to be found, you will find your niche in Glencorse.

Who's who in Glencorse:

Housemaster: James Pillinger 

Assistant Housemistress: Maggie Rait  

Matron: Karen Moss/Kate Pillinger 


I started boarding at the age of nine. It wasn’t all plain sailing but I loved it. Despite being over a thousand years old, my school had few traditions, just a motto, esto quod es – be what you are.

Kimmerghame has a reputation for celebrating people’s quirks and I am determined that it will continue to derive its strength from diversity. Your mid-teens are a brilliant time to work out what sort of person you want to be. I hope every Kimmerghamian has the space and the courage to be what they are.

Who's who in Kimmerghame:

Housemaster: Ed Boulter-Comer

Assistant Housemistress: Claire Montgomery-Rintoul

Matron: Martina Andorfer & Laura Kynoch



Known as a small and friendly house, we aim to provide a supportive family atmosphere where our young men can feel immediately secure and therefore be at their best. Moredunians are encouraged to participate, strive for success and be tenacious in any and all areas of life.

The whole Moredun community benefits from this belief that self-improvement is ongoing and leads to success in all areas: as sportsmen, academics, dramatists, debaters, musicians and friends.

Who's who in Moredun:

Housemaster: Henry McCowan Hill

Assistant Housemaster: Rory Bredin

Matron: Tanya Wallace 

Upper 6th Boarding


In their last year pupils move to Craigleith, our Upper Sixth co-educational boarding house, where they are able to experience a greater degree of independence whilst still fulfilling all that is required of a Fettesian.

A hive of purposeful activity, Craigleith House is where our Upper Sixth spend their final year, living communally. Here, the whole year group come together with a shared sense of focus, ambition and determination to succeed.

Who's who in Craigleith:

Housemaster: Charlie du Vivier

Housemistress: Kirsty du Vivier

Assistant Housemistress: Elizabeth Collister & Carly Partridge

Assistant Housemaster: Will Partridge

Matron: Sarah Smith



Old Fettesian Profile

Dr Jo Twist OBE - Old Fettesian (Ar 1986 - 1991)


Dr Jo Twist has been CEO of Ukie (UK Interactive Entertainment) since 2012. Previously she was Channel 4's Commissioning Editor for Education, where she commissioned Digital Emmy-winning Battlefront 11. She is a London Tech Ambassador, a VP of Special Effects and sits on the board for various advisory groups, including the BAFTA Games Committee. 

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