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The Arts

We allocate generous time to the arts because it encourages creativity and builds confidence in all of our pupils.Our art facilities are a light filled creative hub where our pupils utilise different techniques such as printmaking, ceramics, drawing and painting whilst learning the history of art and being inspired by artists from around the world. 

Music is a huge part of life at Fettes Prep with the vast majority of our children learning at least one musical instrument. There is a huge array of performance opportunities, whether in a large-scale orchestra, small ensemble group, or singing in the Chapel Choir abroad. 

Drama is thriving and every single pupil has the opportunity to get involved throughout their time at Fettes Prep, either on stage or behind the scenes.






"I like having the opportunity to be a different person on stage and lose myself in a role"

Performer I would most like to work alongside : My sister

Favourite Part:  Rafiki, The Lion King

Broadway or The Globe: Broadway



"Art is a way to channel your emotions and creativity"

Favourite current projects : Clay pots and perspective images

What and where is my favourite piece of art: A painting of Iona Island, in my home

Ambition: To see the mosaic collections of the churches of Venice



"Music is a world of expression"

Favourite instruments : Drums and Piano

Music I wish I'd written: Chopin Nocturne Op 48 No. 1 C Minor

Band I would most like to belong to : Dirty Loops


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