Fettes is a warm, caring environment where boys and girls learn together, play together, eat together and have lots of fun along the way.

Whether they are boarding or day pupils, we treat them in exactly the same way: taking the utmost care of them. Nestled in the 100 acres Fettes College campus, we have an unrivalled selection of on-site facilities, as well as purpose-built classrooms to enhance the learning experience. 

We have a boys' boarding house, Arran, and a girls' boarding house, Iona. They are a real home from home, run by dedicated and caring staff who not only provide care and support throughout the week but a vibrant range of activities over the weekend too.


Pastoral Care

Each child’s wellbeing is the most important part of their life at Fettes Prep and we treat our boarders and day pupils in exactly the same way and take the utmost care in looking after them all. We want your child to learn in a happy, safe environment, where they are supported throughout their journey within the Fettes Prep family: at the heart of this is the role of the tutor.

The Form Tutor is the first point of contact for parents and pupils and will be a real champion for each of their tutees, keeping a watchful eye and offering valuable advice on all areas of school life: academics; activities; sport; relationships; developing resilience; and personal organisation to name just a few. Indeed, the tutor will get to know your child very well, not only through daily registration sessions and weekly tutor meetings but around the school, both in and out of the classroom. Parental access to tutors operates on an open door basis and contact is very often by email in the first instance but, equally, can be in person, especially at morning drop-off times. We see establishing and maintaining the triangle between children, parents and school as key to helping the all-round development of the young people in our care.

There are very positive relationships between staff and pupils and genuine care is taken by the older pupils in looking after younger ones. Visitors often comment on the “happy atmosphere” which is combined with purposeful endeavour and complemented by a sense of fun and camaraderie.

The Care Inspectorate noted in their recent inspection: “The Preparatory School in particular was impressively nurturing and child-centred”.

We are proud of our pastoral care and the school is small enough that members of staff really do get to know every pupil and are on hand to help with any issues that arise There is always a trusted adult nearby to whom a child can turn. The boarders are looked after by the dedicated houseparents and other resident staff, and all the pupils benefit from the medical care of our own team of matrons as well as, if needs be, the College Medical Centre.

We have a Pastoral Leadership Team which monitors and develops our practices and policies; oversees the work of the tutors; and helps shape and support the various messages delivered to the children through tutor times, PSHE lessons, assemblies, talks by visitors and our weekly Chapel services. Periodically we offer advice to parents, too, either by email or in the form of meetings on topics such as internet safety; any such meetings are led by specialists in the field.

Our staff sit with children during meal times to ensure that each pupil has a balanced meal. The catering team provides a wide range of delicious, healthy and exciting food throughout each day, as well as fruit and snacks at break times. The pupils’ Food Committee puts forward suggestions and this group, along with the Pupil Council, gives our children the opportunity to take responsibility; this is supplemented in their final year when all of our pupils take part in leadership training and take a turn in being prefects.



At Fettes Prep we endeavour to help our pupils to gain the skills to thrive as individuals and members of families and wider communities. PSHE gives us an opportunity to deliver a programme of learning through which our children and young people acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives. PSHE is taught under the umbrella of three main strands: Health and Wellbeing; Relationships; and Living in the Wider World.

The school seeks to support the physical, emotional and social well-being of every member of our community. We aim to provide all pupils with an appreciation and understanding of issues that they may experience now or in the future. Our objective is to provide helpful, accurate information relating to areas of their personal and social development. We offer opportunities for them to further develop key attributes such as: resilience; resourcefulness; relationships; decision making; risk assessment; communication skills and strategies for coping.





Boarding at Fettes Prep

Life in Arran House


Arran Housemaster- David Hall

I have been at Fettes for 16 years and Housemaster of Arran for 13. I love teaching science, climbing hills and having adventures with the Arran boys and my young family.

It is the greatest privilege to be entrusted with the welfare of your children at this important stage in their development and education. 

The achievements in House depend on the boys’ talents and enthusiasm and to build on these, we have two equally important aims. Firstly, we encourage the boys to seek and enjoy success in every field as far as they are able. Secondly, we seek to promote character and a sense of honour as the boys mature into adolescence.

There can be no finer achievement for any Arran boy than to leave the House with a reputation for honesty, self-reliance and good humour.

Who's who in Arran:

Mr David Hall - Housemaster

Mrs Patricia Wilcox - Residential Tutor

Ms Dorothy Swanston - Matron








Life in Iona House


Mrs Julia (Burty) Scott - Housemistress of Iona 

I have been working with children and families for 22 years and this is my 13th year at Fettes and my second as Iona Housemistress. In addition to my role as Housemistress, I am also the Senior Matron for the Prep School.

My three children have all boarded at Fettes, and when they return home, they join in with House fun! We are a very close family who look forward to welcoming you and your daughters as part of our extended family.

Who's who in Iona:

Mrs Julia (Burty) Scott - Housemistress

Mrs Anna McGrath - Residential Tutor

Mrs Samantha Greenwell - Matron

Mrs Shelly Johnson - Matron


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