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As an independent school, Fettes Prep can maintain a wide and varied curriculum which inspires pupils to think creatively, fully engage with each lesson and build on their academic potential.

Pupils forge a strong rapport with their Form Teacher; from the age of seven, they also learn specialist subjects from specialist teachers.

A strong emphasis is placed on a sound and thorough grounding in the traditional subjects of Maths and English. A mixture of IT and traditional writing skills are utilised throughout the school to aid learning. If a pupil requires a little extra help, our superb Support for Learning department and classroom assistants will be on hand.

The maximum class size is 18 which means that our teachers get to know each child on an individual basis and can provide the attention and input they need.  




Outdoor Learning

Your child will also learn outside of the classroom. What brings a History lesson about the Roman Empire to life better than a school trip to Rome? How much easier is it to explain Geography to an 11-year-old after you've led them to the top of a mountain?



Learning from Home

As Summer Term 2020 was during lockdown, Fettes College & Prep had a virtual term. We were fully committed to ensuring the quality of the academic education as well as the pastoral care being provided even remotely and were delighted that staff and students adapted so quickly to new systems and techniques.

A typical day looked a little different but with video conferencing and online tutorials, teachers and their students stayed connected on a daily basis.

To find out more about what our Learning from Home looked like, simply click the button below.

Learning from Home




"I feel that my children’s teachers really know them as individuals and have a clear understanding of how to engage them in every lesson."

Current Parent


"The enthusiasm of the teachers at Fettes Prep is unparalleled. I see my children being encouraged and helped to be all they can be, by a team of extraordinarily committed staff."

Current Parent


"Having specialist teachers from the age of seven is hugely beneficial. Our son is more confident in his learning since joining Fettes Prep."

Current Parent 



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