Learning From Home

From M Form to 2nd Form, our pupils have an age-specific full day timetable divided into 30-minute sections. This provides structure with built-in flexibility so learning fits around the family dynamic. Each day starts with a pre-recorded Fettes Fit PE session followed by a variety of lessons and and a live tutor meeting where pupils can catch up with friends, chat about how they are feeling, share work they are proud of and discuss any issues from the subjects set the day before. Tutor meetings are held via Microsoft Teams and take place in small groups of about four.

Our lessons are delivered on OneNote and start with an explanation (video, audio or text). Each task is delivered in a variety of ways including demonstrations, PowerPoint, quizzes, worksheets and topic videos. As term has progressed, we have introduced live lessons in Maths, Science, French and Latin, with other subjects organising occasional lessons. Teachers are on email throughout the working day to check how their pupils are managing, mark work and give lots of positive feedback and encouragement. Within OneNote our pupils have access to digital jotters and collaboration spaces where they can share ideas. To keep community connections alive there are also fun pages including book recommendations, life skills, set design, sunflower growing and eco modelling, to name just a few!

Virtual assemblies, full of fun challenges, birthday messages and updates, are held three times a week and the school Chaplain records a Chapel service each Saturday. The Arts are thriving during lockdown with our pupils enjoying over 150 individual weekly music lessons virtually, every pupil being taught new artistic skills and techniques via video and enthusiastically embracing Drama Fit sessions and even attending a virtual theatrical night out.


Maillie | M Form

Maillie is in M Form, our youngest year group for our 7-8 year olds. Here is Maillie’s Learning From Home timetable for Monday. Like all pupils, she starts with Fettes Fit followed by Assembly and Tutor Time with her form teacher, Miss Stanley, who also takes her for Maths and English. The remaining sessions of the day; History, Art and French are taught by subject specialists. On Mondays, Maillie’s school day finishes with quiet reading time.

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Maxime | 1st Form

Maxime is in 1st Form for our 11-12 year old pupils and this is his timetable for Tuesday. Like Maillie, his day starts with Fettes Fit, Assembly and then Tutor Time when Maxime can chat with his tutor, Mr Pettinger and classmates. Maxime’s cat, Lichi, always appears as a special guest! Lessons taught by subject specialists follow for the remainder of the school day. We are going to take a look at what Maxime has been learning in two of his timetabled sessions, English and Science.

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Fettes Parents on Learning From Home


"We are impressed and delighted by what you have all managed to achieve over the last few weeks in order to conjure up an online offering for our daughter and indeed all of the Prep School pupils."

" Our son is very engaged with the tremendous Fettes Fit videos, his tutorials with Mr Bywater, his drumming and saxophone lessons, videos from the Headmaster and Chaplain - such imaginative delivery."

"We would like to say an absolutely massive thank you to all the staff who have developed their IT skills at impressive speed in order to suddenly cope with teaching in this unexpected new way."

Fettes Pupils on Learning From Home


“I am getting better at using the computer and have enjoyed using it for all my projects”

“Tutor Time is so much fun, we can see each other and sometimes we have special baking sessions when we can talk and cook”

“I love art and love creating things with my mum and dad”

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