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We are now in our seventh week of Learning from Home and, following the half term break, which gave us all a chance to close our laptops and refresh our minds, we are once again raring to go!  

Take a look at our Learning from Home section on the Prep Learning page of the website, linked below to find out more about our programme. You will be able to see what timetables have looked like for Maillie and Maxime and watch them as they give you an insight into their learning experiences:


This week we’re focussing on our 2nd Form pupils’ English work on the novel ‘Maggot Moon’ by Sally Gardner. The story is set in a dystopian past where Britain is run by a totalitarian regime and life is bleak. The protagonist is called Standish Treadwell and he is a child who has dyslexia and also has heterochromia. 

Having read Maggot Moon before half term, 2nd Forms' task was to produce a reaction piece to this novel. What to do and how to do it was left up to our pupils but they were encouraged to produce either digital, hand-drawn, photographic, theatrical or any other method of reaction that captured their imagination.

2nd Form were given three days to plan and create and their contributions were added to a new ‘Corridor of Excellence’, a virtual Sway corridor for all staff, contributors and parents to enjoy looking through. As English teacher, Mrs Weatherby points out, this is where technology comes into its own, with no physical restrictions on the number of pieces on display or the formats used!  

Mrs Weatherby said, “the variety of responses ranging from Logan's 3D sculpture using coke cans to Fraser's statistical analysis of dyslexia and heterochromia in the population is completely awesome!” 

Who knows, maybe the schools of the future will be filled with interactive corridors for us all to enjoy! 


Learning new vocabulary has never been as much fun! Our budding linguists have made wonderful models, drawn amazing pictures, made mobiles and even headed into their kitchens to cook crêpes!

P Form have had a lot of fun learning about ‘les fruits et les légumes’, involving a crafty lesson, beautifully prepared by Mrs Raikes, which you can see attached and included the use of ice lolly sticks and egg cartons to create their fruit and vegetable shop displays. 

M Form have been learning about le meteo, producing some wonderful models and videos, illustrating and explaining all that they have learnt.

1st Form have been creating colourful timetables to help them learn school vocabulary, and 2nd Form had a practical crêpe making session, much to the enjoyment of all!