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This is the last round up of the term and it seems appropriate that our final theme of the term should be that of growth.   

March 20th seems a very long time ago and much has changed in the difficult times since then. In periods of upset we crave a sense of normality, and what we have tried to do with the Learning from Home programme is to bring the familiarity and rhythm of the school day into our pupils' homes. We’ve refined and developed this throughout the term, with the ambition to enhance the curriculum wherever possible so that our pupils could grow.   

We’ve experienced growth in our skills and ability, rising to the challenge of independent learning, which will undoubtedly stand us all in good stead for the years ahead. Pupils have striven to give of their best, whatever the circumstances and the Fettes Prep staff have expressed a collective pride in their accomplishments.     

Our appreciation has grown for all that we have around us, our families, pets and outdoor spaces. The same can be said for everything that we have had to go without: extended family; school friends; a summer of fun on our sports pitches; the promise of holiday travel.   

With the initial once a day exercise restriction, we became more mindful of our outdoor environment. We’ve learnt to cherish what we may previously have taken for granted: walking in beautiful places; games in the garden; planting fruit, vegetables and herbs; listening to the birds singing and the bees buzzing; watching nest building and fledglings fly as spring has turned into summer.     

Whilst life has become more complex, many day to day decisions have been simplified. We’ve discovered the value of compromise, waiting for what we want, looking locally for seasonal products and supporting smaller businesses. These are habits that benefit the global environment and ones we could perhaps strive to keep.    

Our pupils have grown up, quite literally in the case of many, and for the 2nd Form it’s time to move on to the adventure of school life at the College. We’ve said goodbye to the school year with our usual Prizegiving ceremony and goodbye to our 2nd Form at a virtual version of their traditional Ball. We came together to reminisce with the much-loved photo slide shows, danced around our kitchens and sitting rooms and pitted our wits against each other with silly games. With everyone separated we’ve united in kind messages to each other and listened to the well wishes of the teaching staff.   

Congratulations to all our leavers and thank you for the huge contribution you have made during your time at the Prep School. We are sure you will make the most of the opportunities ahead.   

We started the term with a sunflower challenge. They have had ten weeks to grow and are now ready, like the rest of us, for the great outdoors. It seems fitting that our very last round up photograph of the year is one full of summer promise - Rory with his first strawberry of the season!     

We have finally arrived at the end of this unthinkable term and the paradox of three-dimensional learning on a one-dimensional screen that has remotely transported us into the heart of each other’s homes. Thank you to pupils, parents and staff who have risen so magnificently to the challenges it has presented. We wish everyone a safe and happy summer break.