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Having studied the Roman Empire this year and in preparation for the beginning of their Latin learning journey which starts in 1st Form, T Form headed off on a History trip to the North East of England to discover more about British history and specifically the Romans in Britain.

The first day was spent at Beamish, the Living Museum of the North, where T Form took part in a workshop to learn about the life of evacuees in World War II. There was so much to see and do at Beamish and everyone was exhilarated by a brilliant day of learning and fun. Their next stop was to the hostel where they settled in before enjoying a hearty supper and a very wet and windy walk to get a first look at Hadrian’s Wall.

Day two dawned sunny and windy, and after a relaxing breakfast the group headed to Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum located in the beautiful central section of Hadrian’s Wall. Here our pupils got a feel for life as it would have been at the edge of the Roman Empire. Vindolanda is an active excavation site and pupils had the opportunity to ask questions of archaeologists working on the sight and to see artefacts that were discovered that day. They were all amazed to see all that has been uncovered and to learn about the story that these discoveries tell.

The Roman Army Museum was full of fascinating artefacts as well as an incredible 3D film that painted a picture of what life was like on the Wall. The group was treated to a lesson from a virtual Roman teacher, who had begun life as a slave. They all learnt a few words of Latin too, which are sure to come in handy for the start of their journey with the language.

Next stop was to Housesteads Roman Fort, after a trek up a steep slope to the fort itself, where everyone wandered the barrack blocks and the hospital and peered into the oldest loos they had ever seen. This was a fascinating look back to the lives of the 800 soldiers living 2,000 years ago in what was originally called Vercovicum, meaning ‘the place of the effective fighters’.

 The trip was rounded off with a windy walk along the Wall, past milecastle 39 and along to the infamous Sycamore Gap before a competitive quiz in the hostel allowed the pupils a chance to show off what they had learned!

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