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1st Form were excited to head out to Stirling Castle on their History trip.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, and they were in excellent spirits as their exams had just finished. They visited the Medieval kitchens and learnt that there was a boy whose job was to continually turn the meat in the fire, who was called the 'spit boy'. They then walked along the outer wall of the castle, looking for enemy soldiers!

Next on the tour came the Great Hall that was built by James IV and had a roof looked like a boat. The groups took it in turns to sit on the throne and pretend to be the king, before moving on to the Palace apartments. 

Everyone met up for lunch, ice cream and slushes before swapping tours for the afternoon session. Group One gathered in the Queen Anne garden and dressed up in costumes before taking a jester led tour of the castle, which included lots of riddle solving.