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Roald Dahl Day is a much-anticipated highlight to our Autumn term calendar and despite some necessary restrictions, this Saturday’s event was similar to previous years. We dressed up as some of our favourite characters and celebrated Roald Dahl’s writing with readings and linked work. There was a plethora of Oompa-Loompa, Lucky Ticket and Willie Wonka outfits, together with lots of Roald Dahl’s favourite colour; yellow! Mrs Scott made yellow face coverings for the Iona boarders and the huge variety of yellow shades on display in the Prep School certainly brightened up our day.

On Saturday afternoon, the boarders programme of weekend fun commenced. The Iona and Arran boarders were due to camp out on Bigside. Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas and with high winds and rain forecast the decision was made for us all to camp out inside!

The 2nd form Iona girls took over their common room whilst 1st, S and T form girls created dens in their rooms with blankets and cushions. Saturday night is tuck night so with some sweet treats, hot chocolate, and marshmallows on offer, as well as a film, we had a very merry and dry night!

Our houses are a term time home from home, and we love celebrating being together, whether that’s for a lazy Sunday breakfast or more special occasions, such as James’ recent birthday, where the Arran boys enjoyed sharing a delicious chocolate cake.

This Sunday morning started with bacon rolls for all the boarders, cooked by Mrs Scott and Mr Mill and after breakfast we enjoyed relaxing in house until it was time for some fun on Youngs!

We played a couple games of capture the flag and with both teams trying very hard. With so much space to run around we all expended plenty of energy, each one of us determined to help our team win!   Afterwards we had the option to stay and play more games or head over to Malcolm House to play table tennis or just relax with our friends.

When we finally returned to Iona House, Mrs Scott got the face paints out and we enjoyed watching films until dinner time, whilst the boys also warmed up with hot chocolate and watched Sir David Attenborough’s latest documentary.

We had a great weekend and would like to say thank you to Mrs Scott, Mr Mill and all the other Prep staff that made this possible.