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It has been a very different, but nonetheless productive and very positive term of music making in the Prep School. 

Over 120 individual music lessons have taken place remotely each week, with pupils making some fantastic progress on their instruments and with their singing. Our wonderful team of visiting music teachers have been so impressed with the way the children have engaged with their lessons online and kept up their practice over the term. 

In class music lessons each week, challenges have included learning action songs from around the world (Africa, Israel, France, Australia for example) with some body percussion patterns to get us all moving and keeping our co-ordination in tip-top shape! 

Pupils have also been honing their rhythmic skills and musical literacy with some fun games such as 'Rhythm Wars', (a game involving increasing levels of difficulty that we’ve enjoyed with our T, 1st and 2nd form pupils), as well as kinaesthetic pitch games.They have also had a go at composing their own pieces using various music apps and Second Form pupils have shared their 'Desert Island Disks' with each other. 

We have received over 100 videos of children's performances and it has been wonderful to share their playing and singing over the course of the term. 

We started the term with video performances of 'Ode to Joy' with the National Youth Orchestra, followed by pupils' performances of 'Over The Rainbow' in support of the NHS and key workers. Our Form Concerts have been hugely successful with some amazing performances throughout the school.

Special mention must go to Samuel who broke his arm after Half Term. Thankfully he had already sent a video of his stunning drumming piece before his accident, but with perseverance and an amazingly positive spirit he managed to perform a piano piece with one hand quite beautifully too! 

Our final Summer Concert was a wonderfully uplifting celebration of much of the vibrant musical activity happening over the last few weeks. A fantastic array of engaging and characterful solo performances kept us enthralled with our Trumpet Trio and Flute group leading the way with impressive online ensemble performances. This was followed by a poignant rendition of 'Language' by our Chamber Choir singers. 

Thank you to all the children for continuing to lift our spirits with your beautiful music making this term!

" My son and daughter's singing and guitar lessons were undoubtedly the highlights of their weeks! Their teachers were outstandingly good; it can't be at all easy teaching music remotely and I'm seriously impressed and grateful to them!" - Current parent