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From our youngest pupils in M Form to the oldest in T Form, everyone has had a busy week of work and play. Below we detail just some of what our pupils have been getting up to. We've included a few of their magnificent snow homes, which surely qualify as feats of scientific engineering!

English- Every year our T Form pupils head to Rome during the Spring term and this year’s cohort are of course very disappointed that they won’t be going so, as an alternative, they ‘took to the skies’ from the comfort of their desks through the medium of Google Earth. Starting with an aerial view of Fettes they flew over to Rome, then onto Machu Picchu and Times Square before whizzing back to Blackford Hill and a view of the Edinburgh skyline. The purpose of the expedition was giving them material to write a diary entry of their trip for an English assignment.

S Form are learning to improve their story writing technique and have covered characters, setting and plots so far this term. Here’s a clip from Nidal’s fantastic work: “At the end of the world, deep into the forbidden jungle lay the cave of Forbidden Pleasures. Precious stones glowed beautiful hues of emerald green, blue and scarlet red as they spilled on to the slithering snakes that guarded them. The trees stood tall, their canopies like shields protected their master.

Emma and John were tasked with choosing a place that they have enjoyed visiting and creating a poster that would recommend it to their teacher.

History - M Form are continuing their learning on Ancient Egyptian and this week Karo chose the Egyptian God, Thoth for her fact file. Meanwhile, 2nd Form have been investigating the topic of the Spanish Armada and Anna produced a fantastic mind map to help with her learning.

Geography - P Form are learning all about fossil fuels, renewable energy and global warming as part of their environmental issues topic and Simon and Jasmin each created a wonderful poster.

Art - M and P Form have just started a project looking at Marc Chagall and their first step was to provide a top-down picture of themselves 'flying' in any way they liked. Next these will be used to collage into a bigger picture in the style of Chagall. Our 2nd Form have been studying the artist, Yayoi Kusuma, and exploring pattern to develop their fruit drawings started in previous lessons.

Science - M Form have been looking at rocks and this week they investigated fossils. Raphael became a paleontologist, uncovering his own dinosaur fossil whilst Darcy created some fossil cookies. The class then went on to look at one of the most significant fossil hunters, Mary Anning, and created information posters about her work.