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Our historians and geographers have been very busy bees this term. Here's a flavour of what some of our year groups have been working on.

For our younger pupils, this term’s history lessons have focussed on World War Two and for the last couple of weeks they have worked in pairs, putting together Airfix models of two iconic fighter planes of the era- the Spitfire Mk.1a and the Messerschmitt Bf109E-3.

What did they think of this task? Hugo said, “I really enjoyed the painting, it was very satisfying putting on layer after layer”. Cameron found the project “really challenging, we had to use all our concentration skills” and Eliza found the most interesting part was “making the nose of the plane. It was difficult to smooth it down, but I got there in the end”

1st Form’s history lessons have taken them further back in time, all the way to the Middle Ages. They have been looking at the principles of the Feudal System, where a social hierarchy was established based on local administrative control and the distribution of land into units or fiefs. Flora was the King for the day, whilst other pupils played the parts of barons, knights and peasants. As they recited their oaths of allegiance the class certainly began to gain some understanding of the inequalities of this hierarchical system!

P Form have been map reading, focussing in particular on contour lines and discovering what they represent. Sometimes a flat feature on a map is difficult to imagine in its three-dimensional real life form so they decided to have a go at making their own model hills. They did a great job and even had the chance to name their landscape features.

T Form have been learning all about The Weather this term. Today they took advantage of a bright but chilly Edinburgh day to head outside for their lesson and were using some weather measuring instruments. These included, a rain gauge left out overnight so they could see how much rain had fallen, an anemometer, to measure the wind speed and a thermometer to measure the air temperature. They also looked at the cloud cover, measured the humidity and used the windsock in nearby grounds to see which direction the wind was blowing!

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