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Boarders Swimming and Treasure Hunt weekend

After tea on Saturday evening the boarders set off to the Westwoods swimming pool for an evening swim. We added the floats to the water and enjoyed bobbing around on these as well as an energetic game of water polo. We all enjoyed the chance to let off steam and felt the benefits of a really good work out in the water!

On Sunday we had time to relax and catch up with each other before lunch and our afternoon activity, which was a treasure hunt. Our named groups included the 'Dancing Doritos' and the 'Supreme Meatballs, and we set off in high spirits with our staff group leaders to decipher the contents of the envelopes containing the first set of clues. We had to find places and provide photographic evidence that each group had made it to the correct destinations!

Once we all had completed are clues, we raced back to the finish line where we congratulated the Dancing Doritos on their win and everybody celebrated with an ice lolly.

After we enjoyed this treat, Mrs Scott and Mr Mill announced that each team would be choreographing a dance to the song ‘We are Family’ and the Dancing Doritos, living up to their name, won this event too!

We would like to thank Mrs Scott and Mr Mill for organizing our weekend activities and Miss Jarzabek and Mrs Muddiman for helping.