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On Sunday, after a long lie in, we sprang out of bed to get ready for our much-anticipated three channel Silent Disco. We dressed up, added some neon face paint to our faces and sprayed some crazy hair styles.

As we were getting ready for lunch, we noticed the boys of Arran House hadn’t quite gone to the same lengths as the girls in Iona House and we encouraged them to add some paint and hair gel. Some went a little overboard with the gel and face decorating, which added to the sense of fun.

After lunch, the entire social bubble donned headphones, selected our music and the silent disco began. We started in Westwoods, creating some team dance routines then headed outside to Bigside before forming a dancing line around the outside of the Westwoods building.

We had so much fun and would like to thank Mrs Scott, Mr Mill, Mr Forbes, and the Graduate Assistants for taking care of us and dancing with us!