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On Friday afternoon the boarders staying in school got ready to enjoy a fun filled Recommended Leave.The evening was spent relaxing with fun games and films and we also had some phone time. On Saturday morning, after a long and much needed lie in, we demolished a delicious in-house breakfast. In the afternoon we set off on a trip to the beach and played some fun team games like team ‘rock, paper, scissors’ and once we’d run around to our heart’s content we were treated to ice-creams and hotdogs.

We had a classic Disney film night on Saturday evening, watching a choice of films from ‘Mulan’ to ‘Frozen Two’, ‘The Princess and the Frog’ and ‘Hercules’.

On Sunday morning, after some electronics time, we headed off to the zoo. We split ourselves into groups, seeing and photographing as many animals as we could. We then met up at the gift shop and bought some lovely gifts. In the afternoon, the Iona girls went to Arran, played Articulate and watched the Scotland v France rugby international. Later we all worked together to make a delicious roast dinner, with apple and raspberry crumble for pudding.

Our Monday activity was a trip to Ocean Terminal, which we visited in groups. Here some of us made a start on our Christmas shopping!