Latest news...

This week we have restarted the activity programme for our older pupils, which, due to the current circumstances, has required a little ingenuity and adaptation. We have kept our pupils in their year group bubbles and given them a broad a spread of activities to sign up for. 

The Westwoods gym has been in action for basketball, badminton and lacrosse and we have enjoyed sessions of touch rugby out on the Bigside pitches, whilst shooting has also recommenced at the Grassie Shooting Range.

Whilst we can’t get out to Archerfield for golf, we’ve been using various locations around the school for a bit of fun putting practice!

The new 'film production' activity has begun, with a few pupils in 1st and 2nd Forms getting the opportunity to start exploring film production techniques. 1st Form developed fun adverts, whilst 2nd Form worked on a spooky film trailer, testing different kinds of camera shots and angles for effect and using stage lighting for creating atmosphere. The pupils loved working together and using the technical equipment and will have a running start when it comes to producing films as part of the Drama curriculum next term.

Our pupils have also taken part in art, jewellery making and debating activities, and next week sees the return of climbing, football, hockey, netball, board games and the Small Steps eco group.