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Although the 24-hour weather forecast looked very ominous before our day of outdoor learning, the weather gods decided to be kind and apart from a little drizzle, we enjoyed a fabulous day; the sun even shone in the afternoon!

The day was split up by activity and year group bubbles and our pupils enjoyed a rotation of activities as diverse as Classification sorting; Natural Phonics; Tree Identification; Autumn Leaf Displays, Poetree and an art technique called Hape Zome which involved hammering leaf patterns onto cloth, producing beautifully delicate images.

We decorated trees with clay faces, chalk and coloured string and challenged each other to find the missing letters in our Natural Phonics games.

Our youngest pupils enjoyed toy den building, using string, elastic bands and natural materials to weave a shelter for toys. They took turns being king and queen and threw leaves in time to music during their Autumn Leaf Firework Display.

The 1st and 2nd Forms also tried their hand at some outdoor maths, looking at Natural Number Squares, and ran all around the campus during their Orienteering activity. They enjoyed their own version of Poetree, using senses to create a line of poetry inspired by the beautiful trees on campus.

This was a wonderful way to finish the first half of what has been an extremely busy but very productive term.