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It’s been a busy and productive term so far and our pupils have leapt into action to make films, stage sets and much more.

Our 1st and 2nd Form children have been producing practice films and we’ve been particularly impressed with their creativity in the use of costumes and multiroling performances. Both these year groups are now creating more developed pieces and their live lessons have jumpstarted more collaborative practice. In the manner made famous by Alec Guinness and Eddie Murphy, some are taking on multiple roles whilst others are involving their families. Many of the pupils will be working with each other from their own homes, and others will meet socially distanced in outdoor locations to produce their projects. In the Summer Term, these films will form part of a planned 'Film Festival', with an awards ceremony akin to the Oscars!

As part of the learning process, industry professional, Helen Bunker, who creates special effects for TV and film, will be joining us to give advice and make suggestions for the incorporation of simple special effects. Helen will also help judge the finish projects.

Whilst our older pupils have been planning and making their films, S Form have embarked on a design project to construct a unique set based on a scene from their favourite book. We have been thrilled with their ingenuity and everyone has working imaginatively with whatever resources they’ve had to hand. Some submissions have even included technical features, including revolves and trapdoors, with others adding lighting effects and changeable scenery.

This week, S Form are using stop motion techniques to help them imagine how the scenes may play out in their mini theatres.

P Form meanwhile have been trying their hand at developing characters for their superhero project. Having started by creating unlikely superheroes, they are now focussing on their equally ridiculous arch nemeses, before the two meet in an epic battle of two characters, one actor!

Looking ahead we are planning some optional drama activities, including virtual theatre trips and some DramaFit fun.