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Following NASA’s amazing feat of science and engineering in safely landing the Perseverance Rover on Mars, Mr Leadbetter decided that a competition would be in order. One of the biggest tasks NASA had was slowing down the rover to give it a chance to land safely on the red planet. The rover, the size of a car, was travelling at over 12,000mph before entry so its gentle landing was cause for a huge celebration.

To celebrate this success, we issued the Fettes Mars EGGsplorer challenge. The participants had to use raw eggs, and these needed to be dropped onto a hard surface with the drop recorded and measured. No one could use parachutes or electronics, so, no drones!

We had some ingenious designs that used anything from balloons to bubble wrap and kitchen roll; we were hugely impressed with the solutions the participants discovered. The competition was close, but in the end it was Angus and Archie that were declared winners with their spectacular 25+ metre egg drop from Dean Bridge.