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Abi Elphinstone came to visit the Prep School and bought with her some fantastic stories, props and tips for story writing. 

Abi explained to our pupils that being a writer is similar to being a detective. She spends months researching and planning her stories before sitting down to write them and the most useful phrase for her when she is thinking about new book ideas is 'what if...'.

Her adventures started in Scotland where she grew up, and her sources of inspiration have come from locations all around the world including Norway and Mongolia. Her latest book, Saving Neverland, is set in a winter wonderland and is all about what it means to be young, adventurous, courageous and full of hope. 

Abi finds inspiration in objects as diverse as shower gel bottles, street signs, maps and a myriad of found objects, some of which she shared with us and challenged us to incorporate into our story lines. 

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the visit and were all inspired by Abi's ideas to start and improve their story writing.