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We have been really looking forward to welcoming back our fabulous Prep boarders, some of whom are settling back into familiar routines and others who are new and just getting to know each other.

An afternoon of games, water fights and a BBQ seemed like the perfect activities for a sunny Sunday, so we duly headed out to Bigside to enjoy ourselves.

Some of the boys bought along rugby pads to create their forts and provide obstacles for the water fight while the rest of the team applied sun cream and suitable clothing for the fun ahead. We were busy wall making and sunbathing when a few of our friends decided to start the water fight early!

While we were playing croquet and frisbee, Mrs Scott and her crew were cooking the BBQ, which was absolutely delicious. After our feast, we got ready for the highlight of the day; the huge water fight. Everyone chose their weapons and got to it, with some, in their enthusiasm, shooting water into their own faces.

Mr. Mill had planned a variety of games but we were having too much fun playing with water. Eventually, alliances were formed, and the green team faced the blue team in a final showdown! The teachers made the huge mistake of coming on to the battlefield and left soaked!

After everyone had their fill of fun, we dried off and changed into some warmer clothes. But, the fun wasn’t quite over! We all mucked in to tidy up and having taken the rugby pads back into the Westwoods Sports Centre, were rewarded with ice lollies and raisins.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Mrs Scott for a great BBQ, Mr Mill for the music and all the other staff who joined us for an afternoon of fun.