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This annual event, organised through our Fettes Career Partnership programme, is a little different this year, as all mock interviews are taking place via zoom, but the enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity remains. Each Oxbridge candidate was paired with a subject specialist in their chosen field and we are so grateful to our staff, parents, Old Fettesians and friends of Fettes who are providing an academically stimulating interview alongside feedback and personal insight on the Oxford and Cambridge interview process. 

The responses from the candidates is testament to the expertise and generosity of spirit of all the Fettes interviewers, supporting the development of these brilliant young people at such an important stage in their lives.

We wish the applicants from Boroughmuir High School, Drummond Community High School, Firrhill High School, James Gillespie’s High School, Portobello High School, Trinity Academy and Fettes the very best of luck with their final preparations. 

Below are some quotes from some of the students participating in the programme:  

“I think my interview went okay but there was definitely scope for improvement. This was a helpful experience which will help me a lot when it comes to the actual thing.”

Boroughmuir High School applicant for Natural Sciences - physical at Cambridge.

“Although at first quite daunting, the practice interview gave me an opportunity to test both my academic knowledge and my ability to communicate ideas clearly. It was exciting to be challenged by such intelligent and perceptive interviewers”

Fettes applicant to study English at Oxford

“My interviewers gave me questions that thoroughly challenged me and also introduced me to new things which I expect to happen should I get an interview. Thank you for the opportunity.”

James Gillespie’s High School applicant for Biochemistry at Oxford

“I found the interview extremely helpful… It has definitely helped boost my confidence for my application process. I really appreciate the opportunity.’

Trinity Academy applicant for Mathematics at Oxford.

“The interview was beyond helpful - the questions that were asked were thought-provoking and made me seek a better understanding of my subject. The feedback was great as well - I now have clear goals to work towards when preparing for my real interview.”

Portobello High School applicant for English & French at Oxford