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Mr Shackleton’s Third Form Latin class had the opportunity to interact with some Roman artefacts. The fragments of pottery were rescued from the bottom of the Mediterranean by scuba diver Rowena Ker in the 1950s and 60s. Rowena is the grandmother of Jack Ashbridge (Ca 2010-2014), who recently donated the artefacts to the Fettes Classics Department. They are being kept in a beautiful display cabinet, purchased with a donation from the McLean family.

The students were given the opportunity to handle the artefacts and do some research about amphorae and pottery dishes – how old they were, how they were made, what they were used for – as well as finding out more about shipwrecks and piracy in the Ancient World, and underwater archaeology. They relished the opportunity to handle these relics, with one commenting that they were “lighter than expected!” They discovered some interesting facts, such as that the amphorae had pointed bases so that they could be stood upright in uneven surfaces such as sand, and to aid pouring (the pointed base worked like a third handle). 

Miss Clare McDonnell (Head of Classics)