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On Friday 11th February we were delighted to host our Virtual Careers Day ‘Exploring Higher Education’. In excess of five hundred S5 and S6 students from Edinburgh High Schools joined our Lower Sixth Form for a highly informative morning.  Parents and guidance staff from all schools were also able to join the sessions. 

Fettes Head, Helen Harrison started the day, before we heard from adventurer, Old Fettesian Mark Agnew (Gl 2005-2009). Mark shared lessons in failure, resilience, hope and luck as he revealed detail of his Atlantic rowing attempts with us.  

Jack O’Toole, Student Outreach Manager at Newcastle University gave a very objective presentation on what young people deliberating Higher Education should consider with regards to location, style of teaching, social life, community, budget, employability and many other useful factors.  Students were able to ask questions during this session which they found very helpful.  

Taking a break from the webinar sessions, time was provided for attendees to browse a library of personal videos from our alumni and parent community who shared their own thoughts on course and higher education institutions.  These videos are still available and can be seen here

The day ended with sessions on student finance.  For those resident in Scotland (3 years +) we had a highly informative session from SAAS, providing all the detail on Higher Education funding available for students from Scotland.   For our international community we had an informal and very honest open session with OF Lucy Macmaster (Da 2012-2016) who shared personal lessons learned along with hints and tips on how to become financially independent as a student and the wide-reaching benefits of part time work whilst at University.  

Attendees, students and parents, were very grateful to have been able to spend a morning thinking about their steps beyond school.  Thank you to everyone who spoke to us and shared their valuable thoughts.  

"A number of our pupils took part in the day which is always appreciated." – Guidance teacher, Firrhill High School

"Thanks for this great opportunity." – Pupil Support Leader, Portobello High School

"Thank you very much for the very informative event that was held on Friday which both my daughter and I enjoyed and found very interesting." – current Lower Sixth parent.  

Following Careers Day, Adventurer Mark Agnew (Gl 2005-2009), joined us on the Fettes Community podcast to talk more about his attempt at the ‘last great first’, rowing the North West Passage.  To listen to this podcast episode search ‘Fettes Community’ on your preferred podcast provider, or click here