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Almost 500 Fettesians took part in an incredible 24 hour log carrying challenge to raise funds for SuperTroop, a charity that provides magical new experiences and opportunities for independence for children and young people with disabilities.  Almost £10,000 has been raised so far, with donations still coming in. This will pay for every timetabled event during the SuperTroop holiday at Fettes in July - coaches, admission costs to places of interest, activities, equipment and supplies, and a few extra treats too!  

Starting at 3pm on Saturday 4th  March students (joined at various stages by staff) worked in groups to continuously carry a large 100kg log up and down Fettes west drive until finally resting it on the ground 24 hours later.  In what was considered the toughest period of the challenge Sixth Form students slept out overnight and carried the log between 9.30pm and 7am – the ‘Dark Hours’. 

Mr Rowlands, Director of Service, co-ordinated the challenge and says: “I couldn't be more proud of the grit and determination displayed by our students who worked tirelessly for 24 hours. They all arrived on time to ‘carry their weight’, over 80 students grafted through the night and a huge amount of staff and parent support was present throughout the 24 hours. SuperTroop is an incredibly deserving charity, the money we have raised will greatly enhance their ability to offer amazing opportunities to families and young people. Thank you for all the donations. We look forward to planning the 2024 event.”

Some students shared their thoughts on taking part in the Challenge:

Getting to work alongside others in a team, for a cause greater than us, is what made the SuperTroop log carry such an exciting prospect.  It was a physically and mentally tough challenge, especially when it came to the overnight slots. However, our struggles were all for an exceptional cause and that’s what drove me on throughout the challenge.”  - Jayden A

The challenge was really tough but unbelievably rewarding to give something back to a charity that we have the privilege of being part of.” Lara J

Although one of the hardest things many have done within the school year, partaking in the SuperTroop log carrying challenge and seeing the funds raised by our physical contributions to the cause has been incredibly rewarding for all.”  Georgie D

"I won't lie, carrying the log was hard, but the challenges those families go through everyday are far harder." Connor S

"Seeing the grit and determination of the pupils throughout the weekend showed how much they valued the SuperTroop cause." Ava L

It was hard no doubt, but hearing the amount of money we raised definitely made it worthwhile because of how important SuperTroop is.” Vinjero M

"In the middle of the night there was a sense of teamwork amongst the students. SuperTroop was a truly unifying cause." Eliza M

It was tough work, but was made easier by the knowledge of just how much our efforts and fundraising helps the SuperTroop holiday run.” Pippa K

It was a very exhausting 24 hours, but it was hugely rewarding knowing all the money raised is going to an amazing charity.” Iona C

It was an amazing experience to be able to raise money for SuperTroop - it definitely makes the difficulty of the overnight shift wholeheartedly worth it to know how much the community has managed to contribute towards such a worthwhile charity” Annabelle P

Well done to everyone who took part in this amazing charity event!