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5 Projects Recommended by the Fettes College Art Department

Our Art Department has supplied a list of creative projects from independent artists, galleries and institutions to keep you active over the next few weeks. Why not take a look and get involved…

“At the moment, it is all too easy to get really caught up with the big things, all that is in the news, the uncertainty, the anxiety and all the difficulties of being isolated and away from school and our friends.

 Engaging in creative activities, making art, looking at art and discovering what you can do when you take a bit of time to experiment with materials can be an amazing way of finding some space for yourself, noticing the world around you and communicating to others.

 I thoroughly recommend that you try the ‘Doodle a Day’ Challenge or using your family to recreate your favourite painting. Photograph your work and send it to us at Fettes, we’d love to see what you are up to!”  Barbara Conway, Head of Art at Fettes College


Tour Your Own Home

Artist Jennifer Baer has created a series of posters celebrating the adventures that we can have in our own homes! Why not make one for yourself?

Click here for the link.


Milk Carton T-Rex

Artist Darrell Wakeman has a wide range of projects that require very little art material (perfect for those in isolation or unable to get to the shop). All you need to make this wonderful T-Rex sculpture is a pair of scissors, some recycling and some tape! Roarsome!

He posts a new idea each day, head over his Twitter account to find out more:


Art is Where the Home

Art gallery Firstsite Colchester has teamed up with a wealth of creatives to produce artist-inspired activity packs. Each pack has a series of different creative challenges, requiring little or no resources.

Download the first pack here or head over to their website to find out more:

Our favourite is most certainly Ryan Gander’s household object challenge!


Getty Museum Challenge

You may have seen this challenge popping up online over the last few weeks and it is a fantastic way to stay creative by using ordinary objects to recreate famous works of art - a lot of fun for the whole family.

Which piece will you create? Click here for the link.


A Doodle a Day

Tate Kids (Tate Gallery London) is celebrating the wonders of doodling by sharing some famous doodles…

Head here to be inspired by the collection and create your own doodle, the possibilities are endless…


We hope this has inspired you to be creative over the next few weeks and if it has, we would love to hear from you!

Fettesians, parents, friends  and OFs please send photos of your creations to and we’ll share them in a few weeks time.

Remember to follow the Fettes College Art Department on Twitter for news, creative updates and challenges for you to get involved with. Simply click here:

 Stay safe, stay creative.