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Day 5

In the final post in Recycle Awareness Week, Prefects Sofia T and Magnus K,  Heads of Fettes College’s student-led Sustainability Society highlight aims for Recycling Schemes school-wide:

“As a school, we have set ourselves clear and measurable goals to reduce our carbon footprint over the next five years, and the entire Fettes community will work together to achieve these ambitions. One of these goals is to reduce the use of single-use plastic by 25% along with reducing food waste by 15% by 2028. 

“Other ways to reduce our carbon footprint include measuring campus-wide energy consumption and setting clear targets to reduce usage by 10%, investing solely in sustainable developments and infrastructure, and removing diesel from all school vehicles. All of these actions will contribute to reducing our overall carbon footprint and providing a healthier and more sustainable Fettes for our current students and those to come. 

“By working together, we can help protect our community and the planet.”


Day 4

Today’s highlight on Recycling focusses on the Fettes Sustainability Society led by Sofia T and Magnus K and a range of initiatives including litter picks in the local community.

"Last year, Sofia T founded the Sustainability Society with the support of the Senior School, which aimed to raise awareness of sustainable practices throughout the school community. This year we are proud to co-lead and strengthen the sustainability society together. 

"Last term the Society organised small initiatives; for example, using an Instagram account to raise awareness about the climate change and leading a Sunday litter pick on Cramond beach.

"This year, the Society aims to tackle its five goals, which were set out last term. These include: 

  1. protecting and increasing biodiversity
  2. decreasing waste
  3. reducing our carbon footprint
  4. reducing resources inequalities
  5. increasing climate change awareness.

"In order to pursue these goals, we are planning some initiatives for the society to make an impact this year. These will involve promoting and educating the school about recycling, initiating more litter picks in the local community, and starting a house competition to achieve less energy consumption."


Day 3

On day three of Recycle Awareness Week Prefects Sofia T and Magnus K,  Heads of Fettes College’s student-led Sustainability Society, share their thoughts on how to recycle:   

Instead of simply throwing things in the bin when you’re done with them, separate recyclable materials such as paper, clear, green and brown bottles and jars, hard plastic bottles, and juice and milk cartons, and send them for recycling. Increasingly, soft plastics can also be recycled in certain locations e.g. at large supermarkets. Some items can be repurposed and upcycled, like adding lights to a nice glass bottle to use as a lamp, or using empty plastic milk bottles in the garden as seed planters.” 


Day 2

On the second day of Recycle Awareness Week Prefects Sofia T and Magnus K,  Heads of Fettes College’s student-led Sustainability Society, highlight recycling schemes school-wide:

“We recently launched our school-wide initiative ‘Do one thing differently’ through which we aim to bring about change, one step at a time. This encourages our students and staff to choose a behavioural change they can easily implement regularly that will help the environment moving forward. Many of the students and in fact whole houses have chosen to focus on recycling initiatives. Some examples of 

Ensuring our community is environmentally sustainable underpins the fourth theme of ‘Our Community’ within our vision Fettes Moving Forward: A place to live. A place to learn. A place to grow.”


Day 1

Each day this week, Prefects Sofia T and Magnus K, Heads of Fettes College’s student-led Sustainability Society, share comments and thoughts on Recycling and raising awareness of sustainable practices throughout the school community: 

“This week marks Recycle Awareness Week (18-24 September), an opportunity to come together and promote the benefits of recycling for the planet. Here at Fettes, the school community takes our responsibility for the environment extremely seriously.

“There are so many environmental benefits of recycling, such as reducing carbon emissions by saving energy through reducing the need to manufacture new materials. Recycling as many materials as possible allows for fewer items to end up in landfills, with items being given a new life with each reuse. 

“Recycling also has a role to play in protecting our precious wildlife and ecosystems as it reduces the need to harm and disrupt natural resources and has benefits such as fewer forests being cut down, fewer rivers being diverted, wild animals not being harmed or displaced, and less pollution of water, soil and air.”