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As our Upper 6th Form students look to the future and the next steps of their lives beyond Fettes, we are delighted to announce 6 students have achieved Oxbridge offers, 2 for Cambridge and 4 for Oxford.  

We would like to wish well-deserved congratulations to:

·       Doga A - Modern and Medieval Languages (Cambridge)

·       Yoko N - Natural Sciences (Cambridge)

·       Jamie T – Law (Oxford)

·       Catherine E - Law with European Law Studies (Oxford)

·       Ianthe F – History (Oxford)

·       Florence B - Human Science (Oxford)

They should be incredibly proud that their dedication and hard work has been rewarded in this way especially during what has been an extremely challenging year for all. Thanks must also go to the superb teaching and academic support that has gone in to helping these incredibly talented students.

Each student shared with us a little bit about why their choice of course and university. They also reflect back on their time at Fettes and what they will miss when they leave.

Doga A

“I was drawn to the Modern and Medieval Languages course at Cambridge due to its flexibility. I liked that I had the choice to explore different aspects of the course before having to pick from a variety of papers ranging from literature to linguistics to history. I had my heart set on Cambridge after attending one of their masterclasses. I fell in love with the city and found that the teaching style suited me and therefore it would be the best place for me to continue studying French and Spanish, the subjects that I am most passionate about.

After 7 years at Fettes, I will greatly miss the support I have received from all of my teachers who have always encouraged me to be the very best I can be and have fostered in me a love not only for languages but also for learning in general.”

Yoko N

“The Natural Sciences degree at Cambridge allows students to study broadly in the first year instead of specialising in a specific area of Science. I had been fascinated by the interconnection between each field of Sciences, so I found this degree structure very attractive. I am hoping to be able to explore different topics and then find an area that I particularly enjoy. 

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the amazing teachers at Fettes who have helped me. I came from Japan to Scotland about 17 months ago not even knowing what UCAS was, and I would never have been able to go through this without the support that I have received.”

Jamie T

“I wanted to study law at Oxford for many different reasons including the course focus on jurisprudence and legal theory and law, a subject that has interested me greatly from a young age. I hope that graduating with a law degree from a prestigious university such as Oxford will truly enable me to make a difference in society. The tutorial system I feel suits my style of learning and the small class sizes in my A level subjects means I have become used to the more intimate style of teaching that leaves nowhere to hide.

The support I have been given throughout my time at Fettes has come from many sources, housemasters, teachers, tutors and individuals all of whom have been of great impact. I will miss the community and house bond at Fettes the most, but I look forward to taking another step in my academic journey.”


Catherine E

“Although there is still a lot of work to be done, I am so excited to have the opportunity to study Law with European Law Studies at Oxford. I applied to Oxford in particular due to the emphasis on legal philosophy that particularly interested me. I’m delighted to be able to continue studying French, but in a completely different nature as it will be French law with a year in Paris, which is certain to be a challenge.  

During my application process, I was very fortunate to have the support of the OF community, which has really made me appreciate how lucky I have been to start my education at Fettes.”

Ianthe F

“History is a fascinating and diverse subject that offers a multitude of facets to explore. Oxford provides an extremely broad range of modules, each prepared and tutored by a specialist, so I am thrilled to have the opportunity to study there. Additionally, I am most excited by the vast network of libraries I will have access to, allowing me the chance to investigate in greater depth areas of history that are particularly important to me.  

Whilst I am keen to take the next step, I will miss every aspect of Fettes: from the amazingly supportive friends I have made, to the brilliance and dedication of my teachers who have encouraged me throughout my time at Fettes.

Congratulations to you all, we can’t wait to follow your journey!