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Congratulations to the Fettesians who completed the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award before the end of their Upper Sixth.  Despite coronavirus, we achieved our highest completion rate in memory – more proof that the young people continued to work during lockdown. 

Completing Gold is a real achievement because it is all down to the initiative and commitment of our young people.  For example, the Residential section cannot be organised by the school – that is against the ethos and rules of the Award – so Gold Awarders must find a project that takes them away from home and school and out of their comfort zone.  They must meet and work with new people.

There will be a Founder’s Day, and there will be presentations at the Palace of Holyrood House and St James’s Palace, London, when lockdown is over.  We just do not know when that will be… but there will be Fettesian Gold Award holders at these events.

Well done to:

Sebastian A

Owen C

Marcus C

James C

Archie E

Constance G

Flora H-M

Mia H

Hugh H

Kai H

Monty H

Andreas H

Aisha J

Thomas K

Ruby L

Lydia L

Eleanor L

Skye L

Holly M

Gabriela M

Samantha S

Lauren S

Gleb S

Caitlin S

Yusuke T

Hector T

Cora W

Report by IJ Loudon