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Our talented and hardworking IB Visual Arts students have now installed their exhibition – the finale to their 18-month long course.

For the Art staff, it has been brilliant to watch their work develop and to see the realisation of all the ideas and discussions coming together in so many different and ambitious ways.

There is work of all sorts this year from digital animation to sculpture made of paper - and everything in between. Every medium has been considered as having potential for the expression of ideas, and every student has worked to discover the right form for their concept. A distinct feature of the work this year is fascination with materials and the skill and care which have been exercised in the final making of the works.

Artworks don’t just happen and often they happen only when artists ‘try out’ their work on other like-minded people. These students have worked together, discussing ideas, suggesting new lines of enquiry and, by doing that, helping one another understand what they were doing. Then, crucially, they have acted as assistants for one another when installing their show.

Their work will be seen again in the End of Year Exhibition, but for this week the IB Visual Artists have centre stage in this dedicated exhibition.

Congratulations to all!