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This year’s IB visual arts exhibition is perhaps all the more extraordinary for having been mounted in just 2 weeks immediately after the students returned to school after the second lockdown. It is a real credit to the group that they had continued to make work and develop their ideas while working without the space and resources they usually enjoy. Their self-motivation and independence are a credit to them. 

Each student has developed a body of work which has grown from their individual research. Isabella S’ striking work grew directly from her experience of observing a very different, silent Edinburgh last summer. Ellie K’s work also has a lockdown theme as she began using her family as subject matter. Anna C explored ideas around the now universal, experience of seeing friends on screen rather than in person. Jasmine L’s work plays with the idea of being watched and watching others. Flora F’s text-based work demonstrates how an idea born at the very beginning of the L6th can continue to offer inspiration and can be adapted to working in any situation. Caitlin G developed her work reflecting on the history and significance of tartan.  

All these students have shown real determination as they worked to install their exhibitions and it is no surprise that half the group will be going on to study Art or Architecture at university. Congratulations to all of them.