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At the start of the Summer Term the Games department set up the Fettes 150 Challenge on Strava. The aim of the challenge was to encourage Fettesians, staff, parents and OFs to run or walk 150km over the course of the Summer Term to celebrate our 150th Anniversary, which commences later this year. 

The challenge was a huge success with nearly 240 people joining the Strava group and taking part. In the first week the Fettes community covered an amazing 3600km and it has continued throughout the term. We have now covered over 30,000 km.

Louis R, Orla D and Tom S were the first pupils to complete the 150km and did so after only two weeks. Miss Hall, Miss McDonald and Miss McDonnell were the first staff members to complete the 150km. Mr Stefan Jenkins, a current Fettes parent, has been the top performer averaging over 150km per week! Well done Mr Jenkins!

The motto of the term was to Stay safe and Stay Active and this challenge has been a huge success at encouraging people to take part and enjoy being active. Well done to everyone that got involved!