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We asked Head of Art, Miss Conway to talk us through everything that has been going on in the department this term.

“At the beginning of term, we began moving artworks out of the department so that others could see them every day. The Maths, Science, History, English and Music departments have all played host to some of the bigger works from last year’s exam classes and Mrs Harrison’s study had a re-hang of some smaller pieces. For Black History Month we turned our focus to some of the most exciting black artists installing a huge display along the ground floor corridor.

The L6th were the only group who were able to go on a field trip this term, but what a great day out that was! They went to Jupiter Artland, the perfect place for a physically distanced ‘gallery’ visit!

Olwyn Carroll, our Artist in Residence, and Alexa Hare and Simon Overton, our technicians, then mounted an impressive exhibition in the Bryce building – Art Hug. This was work that they had made during the lockdown, in response to the pandemic. Olwyn’s huge drawings, Simon’ photographs and Alexa’s collages all offered us some insights into their ways of thinking about isolation.

The Rock Trust invited our pupils to contribute to a postcard exhibition to raise money to support their work with young homeless people in Scotland. Seven of our students had their work selected by the Head of Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art for inclusion in the ‘UNTOLD’ online exhibition.

We have finished the term with the usual round of trial exams which has seen some really exciting student work emerging. We are looking forward to next term when the talented U6th form will begin to bring all their work together".