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Congratulations to Clara J who has won the McLean Classics Essay Competition, a biennial competition running since 2014 with prizes kindly donated by the family of an Old Fettesian who was particularly fond of Classics!

The Classics Department choose the following two titles as options for the competition:

According to Aristotle, Tragedy, is a more realistic genre than Epic Poetry because we see everything happening before our eyes, so the action is limited to the realm of human possibility. To what extent does your reading of Tragedy and Epic Poetry support Aristotle’s argument?


Cicero’s oratory is designed to induce the audience to adopt his point of view and his version of the truth.'To what extent does your reading of Cicero’s speeches support this argument?

These two options were given to allow students the opportunity to explore new areas of the ancient world whilst using their existing knowledge from general interest and their lessons. Clara chose to answer the question focusing on Cicero’s oratory and Miss McDonnell, Head of Classics, commented that her essay was ‘thorough, with great examples to back up each of her points. Her argument was well structured and convincing’.

Well done to Clara and to the Classics Department for facilitating such a stimulating competition.