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On the 21st May 2021 the Fettes CCF Contingent held a formal parade to mark the end of the voluntary service for 20 SNCO leavers. Sadly with the current restrictions parents and visitors were unable to attend but the parade was held by Major Rowlands and accompanying CCF Adult Volunteers. Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major Blumberg and Cadet Head of Army Galloway led the parade and delivered their final words of command to the Contingent.

On parade there were 200 Cadets, consisting of the entire Army section and the Pipe Band, marching through the school grounds. Year groups were spaced carefully and Platoon Commanders directed their Cadets from the flanks. The Pipe Band performed incredibly well and the thumping base drum helped to keep everyone in the correct step.

On halting in front of the main building the U6 leavers, who have dedicated almost 5 years to the Fettes CCF, were addressed by Major Rowlands, Contingent Commander.

“As Seniors in the role of Colour Sergeant or Warrant Officer you have led the Contingent through an incredibly challenging 12 months. Teaching online, challenging Cadets indirectly and building team cohesion despite separation has not been easy, but you have all succeeded. The Contingent is still very strong and continues to flourish due to your hard work and commitment. Thank you.”

After the address the Seniors “Fall Out” for the final time. They march off the parade and after a number of strides throw their TOS’s high into the air, an iconic moment. 

As the U6 Leavers depart the new L6, who have already received their new promotions, assume command of the Contingent. New RSM Fox marched out in front of the remaining Cadets and marched of the Cadets.

All Colour Sergeants and Warrant Officers now wear red sashes while in a ceremonial role. These were purchased through donations specifically to the CCF and have greatly enhanced the parade format.