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The Fettes College CCF Contingent completed a CCF Field Day on Friday 7th May. CCF is a compulsory activity for Fourth Form students. The Fourth Form is made up of 6 Platoons and their Platoon Commander is a newly appointed Lower Sixth Colour Sergeant. The intention of Field Day is to showcase a wide variety of opportunities and encourage teambuilding through leadership challenges and timely decision making.

There were 6 main stands that shaped the day and we were fortunate to be able to carry out all of this training within the Fettes College grounds:

  • Police Scotland: Dog Display and general information
  • 105 Royal Artillery: A decision making challenge and military insight
  • Paintball Course: Accuracy and communication
  • Life Skills: A simulated Road Traffic Accident with a complex first aid scenario
  • Team Building: “Don’t touch the floor”  physical challenge requiring trust from all members of the Platoon.
  • Scottish and Northern Irish Yeomanry: An insight into military communication methods and specialist equipment.

Thank you to everyone that made this day such a success. For more images of the day, please click here