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On Monday 18th May, Henry McCowan Hill (Housemaster of Moredun) embarked on a challenge to row one million metres for the NHS!

Following the completion of his campaign earlier this week, he told us:

“I wanted to raise some money for the NHS and all the amazing work they have been doing during this time. Being sheltered as we are, I felt very far removed, fortunate and lucky. It was tough to row every day for about two and a half hours, about 33 km, and the mornings were particularly challenging. No records were broken for times!

 My family have been so understanding and it is nice now to be able to see my kids a little more! I hope the money raised is of some use and I think we are all so grateful to the doctors, nurses and hospital staff that do a job that should make us all feel a little bit humble. I have had a lot of interactions with the NHS over the years and they saved my son’s life he when was born. So, thank you NHS.” Henry McCowan Hill

Congratulations Mr McCowan Hill!

If you would like to find out a little more, head over to his JustGiving page, right here.