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Week 6 Prep Academic Round Up - Half a term of Learning from Home

We are coming to the end of week 6 of our Learning from Home programme and looking back over the last six weeks, there is so much to be proud of in our community’s attitude to delivering and receiving this.  So, what has our teaching and learning looked like so far? 

Timetables were created and tailored from M Form through to 2nd Form, with subjects divided into 30-minute sections. The aim has been to provide continuity and structure for the day but within this to ensure enough flexibility for learning to fit around our families. 

Each weekday has started with Mrs Fletcher and Mr Mill’s very popular FettesFit PE lessons, which have been the perfect springboard for the rest of the day and we’ve continued with our usual schedule of assembly three days per week, hosted by the Headmaster, with Tuesday’s assemblies featuring a variety of staff and topics that have led to fun challenges. 

Every morning, before the start of our lessons, our pupils have looked forward to Tutor Time, hosted on Teams. Our team meetings take place in small groups, with the occasional whole group get together for fun events like the breakfast baking sessions. Pupils get to see friends, find out how everyone is feeling, talk about the previous day’s lessons and look at what’s scheduled for the day ahead. 

Lessons have been delivered on OneNote in a variety of ways including demonstrations, PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, worksheets and topic videos. As term has progressed, we have moved onto a schedule of live lessons in Maths, Science, French and Latin, with occasional live lessons in other subjects depending on the scheme of work. Staff have been on email throughout the day to offer positive feedback and encouragement. 

Within the OneNote set up, our pupils have also had access to digital jotters, collaboration spaces where they can share ideas and fun pages, including photos of pets, book recommendations and community initiatives. These have so far have included learning new life skills, set design, sunflower growing, eco modelling and celebrating World Bee Day, to name just a few! 

Arts have thrived during this time and our Prep pupils have enjoyed over 150 individual music lessons each week, taken part in musical shout outs for the NHS and performed in their wonderful Form concerts. They have fully explored their artistic talents and enthusiastically embraced the ‘Drama Fit’ sessions on our OneNote pages. Our older pupils even had an invitation to a virtual theatrical night out, watching the National Theatre’s production of 'Frankenstein'. 

Even though we've been apart, we have aimed to provide a rich learning experience for our pupils and we hope that they and their families can enjoy next week's half term break and come back refreshed and ready to go for the second half of term.