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Week 5 Prep Academic Round-Up - Geography and History

This week we are focusing on the learning fun our pupils have been having in their virtual Geography and History lessons. 


Our Geographers are adventurers and explorers. True, they have not had the opportunity to venture far from home, but you only need to open a map, get lost in an adventure story or catch one of the myriad of fantastic natural world programmes to escape from the confines of home and find yourself transported far, far away. 

Geography is all around us, near and far, and during this week’s lessons we’ve been we’ve been around the world.

M Form have travelled all the way to the fourteen countries and many islands of Oceania, from vast Australia to the tiny island of Nauru. They’ve created fabulous projects and learnt about cities, climates, flags and food.

P Form have the mountains of the UK in their sights. Take a look at Henry’s wonderful contour model of Ben Nevis; as he’s climbed it in the past, he’s certainly familiar with the terrain! 

S Form have been studying the majestic mountains of South America and finding creative ways to show us what they’ve learnt. Cosmo’s produced a very elegant and informative model of the Andes, showing us the subduction of the Nazca plate and its collision with the South American Plate, leading to the formation of the Andes. 

T Form have started a new topic on OS Maps and have created their very own versions which beautifully illustrate the features of their local area, whilst 1st Form are exploring population maps and considering the different ways to communicate data illustrated in books such as ‘Brilliant Maps’ by Ian Wright. 

Finally, 2nd Form are learning about the vast continent of Africa and have shown their creativity and ingenuity whilst learning from home. Estella has created this amazingly impactful map of Africa, featuring the flags of the African nations.


Our investigative historians have been busy using clues left from past lives to help them piece together the stories from ancient civilizations. M Form have taken a look at the Egyptian art of mummification and, using their unsuspecting dolls, have created their own versions of mummies, tombs and burial objects.  

P Form have meanwhile been exploring the history of another of the world's great civilizations- The Maya. They’ve discovered the architecture of the Mayan’s from the splendours of Chitcén Itzá to the most basic of constructions and have worked on menus for their Mayan cafés. 

S and T Forms focused on an important anniversary during this century; the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day. What might have appeared on a VE Day medal? Our pupils illustrated their thoughts and enjoyed watching footage and reviewing photographs from this joyous event. 

Finally, 1st Form were hugely inspired by a lesson looking at the Declaration of Arbroath, in this the 700th Anniversary of the document, written by ‘the barons and the whole community of the kingdom of Scotland’ to the Pope and sealed by no less than 8 earls and around 40 barons. 1st Form created their own aged documents, highlighting details of the Declaration and its significance. 

Well done everyone on a tremendous week of work!