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Week 4 Prep Academic Round Up - Art and Drama


Prep Art has been thriving in lockdown and our pupils have been involved in a number of projects.

M Form had been inspired by robots and have produced some unique works of art. Take a look at Hannah and Lottie's examples.

M, P and S form have been looking at the colour wheel and putting together 3D displays as examples

2nd Form have completed some stunning work whilst learning a little bit more about artists, Yayoi Kusama and Kate Malone.


Drama in lockdown has presented a few challenges to its learning and teaching! However, now more than ever we all need opportunities to imagine, play and create, both as individuals and families, laughing, collaborating and playing together.

Let's look at what our busy bee’s been up to. 

M Form have been developing some revolting – and rather lovely – characters, based on their study of ‘The Twits’. Here’s Bella’s take on this exercise: 

‘I decided to be Mr Twit. I could imagine him being quite grumpy, mad and a bit nuts. I stooped over because he was really old. My Brother Robert joined in and laughed. My Mum loves the drama exercises and wishes she was in M Form. It’s really fun and you get to be creative. If I had picked Mugglewump I would have been quite cheeky. If I had chosen Mrs Twit, I would have chosen to be very lazy and mean.’  

Simon chose to be play the part of the Roly-Poly Bird, have a look at his video! 

S Form have been creating cool set designs based on mystery books, with inspiration drawn from Mrs Bremner’s wonderful, professional stage designs. Attached are images from Cameron, Cosmo, Felix, Tom and Louis, showing their excellent designs.

1st and 2nd Form are working hard on developing set designs for an immersive version of their ill-fated school play ‘Bugsy Malone’, with an imaginary bottomless budget! They’ve been creating models and even developed stop animation sequences of specific scenes in the play. They are being encouraged and supported by industry professional, Victoria Johnstone who will also be judging the set designs to find a Fettes Prep Set Design winner and maybe a set designer of the future! 

We've included Gregoire's very creative stop animation as an example!

2nd Form and their families were recently invited on a virtual ‘Theatre Trip’ to see the National Theatre’s version of ‘Frankenstein’. This initiative will become a regular feature, with various live recordings of wonderful plays for all the family to enjoy together. This is not, of course, compulsory, but might serve as a rather welcome relief from Netflix! Megan said:

"I watched Cumberbatch as Frankenstein and Jonny Lee Miller was the creature. I thought this was great acting and having never seen the play it was a great first experience. The way the stage was set out to include all the different scenes was amazing; it was very atmospheric. Especially the fake rain, snow and fire. I noticed perhaps that the lights hanging from the ceiling were a bit like neurones in a brain working. For example when the creature was thinking or had an extreme emotion the lights would brighten and look as if they were communicating".

Last but by no means least, we've had some great feedback from our family games ideas. Have a look at Antares having fun using his body to spell out his name!