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Week 3 Prep School Academic Round Up - Maths and Science

This week we are focussing on Maths and Science for the Prep Academic Round Up. We’ve had a busy time in both departments since the start of term. He's just a a snippet of what's been happening.


During the first six days of our online adventure, and on the Hegarty Maths platform alone, our pupils clocked up 185 hours of learning with 7714 questions answered of which 6978 were correct!  

M and P Forms have been looking at shapes. To help their understanding they have created their own 3D figures, which are extremely impressive. Some of our pupils went even further to bring their shapes to life in a model army! We hope you enjoy their videos.

Last week we introduced the first of our live Maths lessons, with small groups of pupils introduced to live learning. Mr Rathborne’s set have been enjoying working in small groups online to look at angles.


M Form have been considering the seven life processes that tell us if an organism is alive or not and have been working on posters this week to show us their understanding, whilst  P Form have been exploring habitats and thinking about how the environmental changes of natural cycles affect living things.

S Form have been working on life cycles of different sorts of animals, with a bit of bird watching thrown in for fun too, and T form have enjoyed exploring the topic of health diets, making their very own Top Trumps.

1st Form are looking at reproduction in flowering plants, which ties perfectly in with our Sunflower Challenge for this term, and Dashka took some beautiful photographs to illustrate this. Finally, 2nd Form are exploring types of energy and the transfer of energy between stores. Take a look at Megan's video of her homemade trebuchet for a demonstration of gravitational potential to kinetic energy.