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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Last night our Prep School musicians had another opportunity to show their appreciation of our wonderful NHS by dedicating individual musical performances to them at the traditional Thursday evening ‘Clapping for Our Carers’ moment, when the whole country comes together to give thanks to all of our front line workers. 

This week’s performance was ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. This song was written back in 1939 for the film ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and was famously sung by Judy Garland in her role as Dorothy Gale. It won the Academy Award for best original song and went on to be Judy Garland’s signature song. 

The rainbow symbol has become synonymous with the UK’s campaign of appreciation for the NHS, so this was the perfect choice to play or sing last night. 

Mr Pettinger, our Director of Music, said, "We have been overwhelmed by an amazing deluge of videos of our super keen and talented Prep School musicians which were all extremely special. We have played through all of these this morning and each and every rendition has raised the spirits, with their message of hope ringing loud and clear."

Attached are just two of the many wonderful submissions. Achille worked out the melody on his own to give a fabulous guitar performance and Samuel created his own amazingly creative piano improvisation on the song. 

 A huge well done to all of our talented musicians!