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Prep Week 6 Round Up

It is the end of Week 6 of our Learning from Home programme and the Prep pupils have been busy with their routine of lessons, tutor time and FettesFit.

Two of the four lessons a day have been live and extension and project work have been on offer since the beginning of the term. We have been so impressed with the creativity shown by all, demonstrated by just a selection of subjects and in the pieces detailed below.

Art - S Form have been creating a thank you mural, each decorating cubes of the same size. Initially we had planned to display this at school, but with our delayed return, Art teacher, Mrs Flett, digitally cropped the pupils' work to great effect.

English - 1st and 2nd Form have been looking at language and have filmed a commentary on an everyday event.

French - P Form have been learning about special dates in France which they researched and having chosen one they created their very informative posters.

T Form have been discovering how to say they like doing something, using aimer and an infinitive and 1st Form have been working on a similar topic, talking about doing active things using the verb faire. Meanwhile, 2nd Form have been writing about famous real life and fictional characters.

Geography - M Form were tasked with drawing a map of Egypt and labelling all the features they had talked about in their live lesson. As the task was set on Pancake Day, Mrs Muddiman jokingly suggested making a pancake map of Egypt and Darcy rose to this challenge brilliantly.

Hugo, Jasmine and Saskia created their own rainforest and coral reef edible systems, detailing before and after destructive human activity.

History - P Form have been learning about Alfred the Great and have created their own mind maps highlighting their learning.

Latin - 1st and 2nd Form pupils had a go at constructing their own Roman road models and Mungo decided to build a section of road in his garden!

Science - 1st Form have been learning about sound this week and looking in detail at the workings of the human ear. One of the tasks was to make a labelled model which Charlotte and Saskia did brilliantly. P Form had a go at making string cups and explained how these work.  

In S Form, Matthew had fun working on an experiment that looked at the rate of melting of burning candles in sealed containers. S Form have also been studying chemical changes that are irreversible, using some kitchen chemistry to produce something totally different to the original materials with alternative properties.  Hugo filmed his attempts at making casein plastic.