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Prep School PSHE - Pandemic Positives

Our topic for this week’s PSHE lessons is ‘Pandemic Positives’. Since Covid-19 spread across the world, there has been a necessary change in our use and reliance on the internet. This week our Prep School pupils are taking a look at the positive benefits the internet during this time, spreading vitally important messages, coordinating deliveries of food and medicine and keeping families and groups of people connected. 

The internet has also been the source of campaigns that support key workers and raise morale. Examples such as the weekly ‘Clap for our Carers’ on Thursdays and Captain Tom Moore’s sponsored walk, have inspired us all and brought us together with the aim of supporting the NHS and care workers 

Of course, regardless of all the positives, we know it is important to take time away from our screens; fresh air, exercise and a good night’s sleep are all crucial. 

Take a look at Mrs Quaile’s video to see the aims of our learning. This PSHE lesson is accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation and a couple of challenges! The first is for pupils to have a think about what they have learnt to do on the internet since the lockdown started and the second is to ask their families about engaging with community activities. Examples would be setting up cooking or quiz nights with family and friends, joining the ‘Clap for our Carers’ on a Thursday night or donating to fundraisers.  

We want to say a huge well done to our pupils on their efforts so far. They have shown kindness, resilience and perseverance during this challenging time and we are very proud of them all.